The Nobox Box Office

At the Beginning of 2020, Nobody Nobox began its journey, and can be described as a 2020 vision with 20/20 vision. Soon after, A bigger, unexpected and very much unwanted 2020 vision appeared on the world scene. Covid 19.

Though I beleive that Corona exists and can be dangerous, if not deadly to those with poor health, I do beleive it has been classed as a Pandemic so as to be used for purposes and plans that have been in existence for over fifty years and the goals of which, though closer to being met, have still not been achieved. (Please see the video series below)

Those goals, as well as the consequences that have come from the decisions made due to a Pandemic having been declared, are going to have an impact on the vision of Nobody Nobox itself.

Due to my own personal opposition to this declaration, the decisions made, and the consequences that have come and will come from those decisions (lockdowns etc), it is highly likely that this opposition will eventually impact my own future ability to keep Nobody Nobox online.

Because of the huge impact that this ´Pandemic` has had, is having, and will continue to have on each one of us, it is therefore only right that I put my reasons forward for taking the stand I am taking, while it is still possible for me to do so.

The rules and regulations related to the ongoing situation continue to box us all in to an abnormal way of life. For this reason, I have decided to put some of Nobody Nobox`s 2020 vision onto this subject so that we may not only know what exactly we are being boxed in to, and by whom, but that we may more importantly know the absolute necessity to box out of it.

To do this, I have begun (with limited knowledge of video editing) a video series called ´The Road to De-Mask-Us.

I hope you will find the following series enjoyable, helpful, interesting, informative and above all, worthy of your time. There is much truth to reveal, so please feel free to go to Nobody Nobox’s YouTube channel and subscribe to stay updated.