The Nobox Games

Summer competition.

Throughout the entire month of July, Nobody Nobox is holding an online competition for those interested in taking part.

Everyone is welcome to join in at any time.

If you want to join, then all you have to do is simply message me with the word ‘BOX’ through my contact page, Facebook page or my Email address

As soon as you have hit me with a ‘BOX’, I will then send you your very own Players Code Name (PCN) which only you will know.

I will then add your PCN in to ‘The Nobox League’ alongside the other players. Go on, throw yourself into it.

The Nobox League will be a points based system, and will be updated each Saturday in July, and you can track your own progess by clicking on the above tool bar titled ‘The Nobox League’. Once it opens you will be able to find your PCN, points earned to date, and your position in the Nobox League itself.

It could well be that each week, new players will have joined, and the list of players may have gotten longer than it was in the previous week. The more Players, the more fun it will be.

Whoever has gained the most points by the end of July will Win. Its as simple as that. Points are earned through correctly answering the 5 initial questions given below.

The League and the competition itself will conclude on Saturday 1st of August when the Winner will be announced over Video, and the Box sent.

There are five General questions to begin with, however I will also be boxing out at least one ‘Weekly Point Earner’ in order to try to help you earn more points to reach your goal of winning. They will be added to the list below.

Send your answers in as and when you work them out.

If you Win, I can guarantee you that you will enjoy Boxing out your Prize. It will be an experience that you will never forget.

Its a fun and free challenge but one that will certainly require you to think outside the box, Nobody Nobox style.

Before you begin to work on the following initial 5 questions however, it may be helpful to you if you have a read through the website to get to know how Nobody Nobox works and even if you have already read it, a refresher can only be a good thing.

Do not make your answers public otherwise it will automatically disqualify you from the Nobox league. Instead however, send your answers privately through the contact details already given or you can go to the bottom of this page and send them through that. Make sure to let me know which question it is that you are answering

If you do want to share something, then I would kindly ask you to share this competition with other Family and Friends so that they too could be in with the chance of winning.

It may also be helpful as well as Inspirational to have a look at the following video to help get you in the right frame of mind.

Remember, every point counts.

If your not in, you can’t Win. Don’t throw your win to the bin.

Let’s have some Fun.

When sending your answer/answers below, Please enter your PCN in the name section, rather than your real name. Thankyou.