Having been stuck in a box and taking into consideration the journey that followed, I realise that what worked for me can also work for others.

If there is anything I have learned along the way, it is the importance of reaching out for help and reaching out to help. Nobody Nobox was the end product from having reached out to others for help, and is now being established for the purpose of reaching out to help others, in a way that’s uniquely different.

To Reach out with my own story & encourage others to think about their own boxes in Life

Take ‘thinking outside the box’ to a whole new level by using a Whole and New approach. The Nobox Approach.

To write and speak about a wide variety of relevant and relatable themes and topics on the Nobody Nobox Blog, the Nobox Vlog, and the Nobody’s Victory series for the purpose of encouraging, inspiring, motivating.

Simply Put, I want to make a positive difference in the world I Live. To be the change that I want to see in the world.