Zero to Hero.

Health is Wealth, and Wealth is Stealth, and it is with stealth that Healthcare workers around the world have gone from ‘Zero to Hero’ status within only a matter of months. To describe the Zero aspect, I’m going to focus in on my very own and very beautiful, but ridiculously complicated country of origin, Northern … More Zero to Hero.

Home Schooling.

Around the Spring of 2017, my Wife and soul mate Ursula, who also happens to be my biggest supporter, approached me with the idea of schooling the kids at Home. I loved the idea. I have met enough Americans and Canadians over the years who have themselves been homeschooled and so the subject itself doesn’t … More Home Schooling.

Setting Sail

As I set sail with the Vision that is Nobody Nobox, I do not know what lies ahead, what storms I will face, nor what waves will rock my boat. I do know however, that now is the right time to set out into the deep waters ahead where the adventure will be great, the … More Setting Sail