The Swiss Box

This post is for those who, like myself, can see beyond the Corona Smokescreen. If you can’t, then you might as well stop here and go back to the new normal. For everyone else who refuses to be brainwashed, gaslighted and hypnotised by their Governments, Media and their fellow citizens, I hope & trust that … More The Swiss Box

A Call to Arms.

Ladies and Gentlemen, We are at War, and when there is a war there is also a call to arms and upon hearing that call, the following picture will often come to mind. Let me make it clear, violence is never the answer, and if you think it is, well, I’m gonna have to shoot … More A Call to Arms.

The Backpack.

I’m going to let you into a little secret. My oldest Son turns 9 next week and unknown to him, we have got him a mountain bike. Two years ago we both travelled into the mountains, took a gondola to the top and rode the bike track, with all its ups and downs and twists … More The Backpack.

Atomb Bomb

Before you read any further, let me simply warn you that this post includes explosive content with the potential to cause offense and so because of this, I cannot guarantee that you will come away unharmed. What makes this post explosive is the heart of the matter, which happens to be the human heart itself. … More Atomb Bomb

The Bucket List.

Once upon a time in the future, we all died (that’s one way to start a blog post). Our entire existence was, in one last heart beat of Life, turned into a memory. One by one, we all went down in history as the you and me that was, and no longer is, just like … More The Bucket List.

A Familiar Foe

Before I write about a Foe (Enemy), I’m going to first write about a Friend, or to be more specific, about words that a good Friend once shared with me during a specific conversation that we had around ten years ago. At some point in the conversation he said the following words. “Reuben, Family are … More A Familiar Foe

The Road to De-Mask-Us: An Introduction

Masks are now in fashion, or to be more accurate, they are now an in-fashion fraud, forced upon the world by facist following, fear mongering, freedom taking, fist banging failures, also known to you and me as Governments, just like the one below. They are full of cowardly, corrupt, patronizing, profiteering and pride filled Politicians … More The Road to De-Mask-Us: An Introduction

The Cookie Box

Today, Saturday, the fourth of July 2020, The United States of America are celebrating their Independence day. It will be in a much more restricted manner compared to previous years, but no doubt there will still be a wide variety of public and private events taking place throughout the country to remember the History, Government, … More The Cookie Box

Pigeon hole it.

Because many of you have a mother tongue that is not English, and therefore may not be familiar with this phrase, let me first start by giving you a very brief explanation of what exactly a pigeon hole is. The best example of a Pigeon hole is normally found in an office setting. (See the … More Pigeon hole it.