Nobody Nobox began its journey back in January 2019 when I found myself stuck on many levels, inside a Box that I could not get out of.

Being Married, having five young Children, and slowly recovering from a burnout, I struggled to find a way forward that would work well for both my Family and Myself.

In the midst of feeling unsociable, withdrawn, depressed and quite desperate, I was encouraged by a message that I had received from a Friend. It was based on the theme of thinking outside the box and so I tried to do exactly that. I tried many times but failed miserably each time, or at least that’s what I thought.

Unknown to me at the time however, those many desperate attempts I had made at thinking outside the box, were in fact small steps in a new direction. One of discovery, breakthrough, and breakout.

I have to admit though, thinking outside the box only seemed to have got me as far as to observe and assess my own box. It was however, as far as I needed to go, because there before me, lay a Revelation that would eventually lead me beyond the Box and onto Nobody Nobox.

Drawing from my own personal experience, applying the correct strategic approach, and using the proper principles makes both a breakthrough and a breakout possible. Boxes can be defeated, and You can Win.