The Swiss Box

This post is for those who, like myself, can see beyond the Corona Smokescreen. If you can’t, then you might as well stop here and go back to the new normal.

For everyone else who refuses to be brainwashed, gaslighted and hypnotised by their Governments, Media and their fellow citizens, I hope & trust that what I have included in this post (especially the address towards the end 😉) will be helpful to you all in the global fight that we all find ourselves in.

It is for the sake of everyone who has been affected, is being affected and will be affected. 😉 Keep up the good fight. 👍

Dear World,     

Let me begin by telling you about the Swiss Box which is negatively impacting our world in a way that most people don’t even realise. Inside it, you will find mouldy cheese full of holes, melted chocolate, a truth bomb, and some fireworks.

Before I light the fireworks though, and watch them explode and brighten up the dark night sky that covers what is in fact, a hilly, mountainous, landlocked area called Switzerland, let me briefly cover some ground. That ground being the reality of Switzerland itself and a very specific location within it (the main reason for this post)

Yes, that so called neutral, democratic Nation who decided to make themselves permanent hosts to Global Think-Tanks, Non-Governmental Organisations, and many other international organisations/criminal gangs.

Gangs who over time, under the cover of Swiss neutrality and Diplomatic immunity, collaborated together and committed themselves to the purpose of capturing every single aspect of Global Governance, including the national governance of Switzerland itself.

World Economic Forum Headquarters, Cologny, Switzerland.

Its like the Switzerland shaped elephant in the room who nobody seems to report on. An Elephant whose trunk is planted firmly by the Swiss city of Geneva from where it aggressively sucks up all that’s good in the world.

Despite its huge ears, it listens to nobody because the fact is, it is accountable to nobody. It is an Elephant that has gotten far too big for its boots, boots that we can see and hear everywhere, and boots that will soon begin to stamp repeatedly upon the face of Humanity, 1984 style.

This Elephant in the room has pretty much turned Switzerland in to a circus performing elephant which obediently plays its part in what has now become a Global Circus full of Clowns who lead, and Monkeys who watch and follow according to script, all in the name of Technocratic theatre.

The collective, communal and cowardly group, also known as Swiss Society are also there feeding themselves on not only Bratwursts, Bread and Beer, but so too on the great illusion of being a neutral, free, safe, secure, different, democratic independent, wealthy and successful country.

The truth of the matter is that the majority of these reserved, law abiding, ´self controlled`, fearful, conflict avoiding people, have been blinded by their national pride and heavily influenced by their cultural & nationalistic need to show obedience to the Treasonous political Puppets in Bern (shown below), puppets that continue to dance under the pretence that the authority to govern rests with them. Fools!

They are Pathetic Puppets who continue to demand and promote national solidarity with one hand, whilst they use the other hand to point their Pinocchio nose picking finger in the direction of Big Pharma’s population pricking, poison pumping needle, from which the false promise of normal flows forth.

Sadly though, Swiss society does not see, nor indeed realise that they are in the same, enslaved, Davos dependent state that every other people group around the globe now find themselves in.

The very presence of all these Globalist gang members operating their criminal empire from within Switzerland, is seen as a symbol of Switzerland’s success, when in fact, the very opposite is true. 

Not only is the WEF and its international Public/Private Platform a trojan horse within Switzerland, but it is also a Trojan horse operating from within the Human Race itself, with the so called ´Pandemic` as an example.

Regardless of where exactly one stands concerning lockdowns or vaccinations etc, there are also many other important issues which should be of equal concern to every one of us, whether here in Switzerland or anywhere else for that matter. 

You may or may not know the following:

From WEF’s own admission, it wants to redefine what it means to be human and therefore all humanity should be concerned for not just the present generations, but also the future generations that are still to come.

It also wants to create a new social contract in which the world’s general population does not get to have a say, and so the entire global population should be very concerned with regards to what we are all going to be signed up to.

It wants to bring about a great global reset of all social, economic and political structures, and so since we are all going to be very much impacted by this, we should all be very concerned.

It is also actively working to change ‘Agenda 2030’ which all the governments of the world signed up to at the UN in 2015, just before WEFs corporate takeover of the UN system in 2019.  It is using many different Public/Private Partnerships to help make changes which are designed to protect Transnational Corporations, and to ensure that their power and profit continues.  This means that every area of Global Corporate Governance will be executed in a manner that demands a financial return from each area of life being governed.  Big Tech, Big Pharma and the Weapons manufacturing industry etc, will therefore have the freedom to profit at the expense of humanity.  Over time this will lead to a world where Health, Safety, Security, Privacy, Liberty, Freedom and Life itself will be lost, on a scale that has never been seen before.

Regardless of where you are from in the world, If, like myself, you are very concerned about all of the above and you have come to realise that the United Nations, Government, the Judiciary, Police, Scientists, Doctors, Mainstream Media, and Society itself are failing/refusing to do their job in listening to the truth, seeking out the truth, sharing the truth in these matters, and thus failing to protect the national and global population, then please feel free to send your questions and make your concerns and frustrations known, by writing to Mr & Mrs Schwab themselves. 

Despite all the security that surrounds their house (shown below), I don’t know how they can sleep at night, given the wickedness of their ambitious and very evil agenda.

May all the appeals, crys and prayers of humanity get sent their way and give them something to reflect on in those early waking hours of the morning.

It’s certainly one way of joining together amidst the ongoing global war that they declared against us, so let’s get the above details out to as many people and networks as possible to remind this unelected tyrant in a very big and direct way, that we are going to hold him, WEF and their partners in crime accountable, for their crimes against Humanity. The Truth will prevail.

In the meantime, for those of you who are interested, I have included three very interesting informative and worthwhile links that will help give a much more detailed understanding of what’s going on.

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