Neutralising Neutrality.

Let me start off by informing you all of the tragic news that our dear friend Neutrality has died.

Although it is too soon to know the exact cause of death, one rumour currently in circulation seems to suggest that Neutrality noticed a car approaching him at a very high speed whilst he was walking along the middle of the road when he suddenly froze in fear.

The rumour goes on to say that he also seemed to struggle with regards to which side of the road to run to, and that in the end, his failure to decide eventually led to him dying on impact.

A witness at the scene however tells a different story, one where Neutrality was instead standing in the middle of the road with both of his arms opened wide and his hands stretched out, like a referee weighing up both sides.

According to the witness, Neutrality stretched out his arms to offer them both his hand, however the situation quickly turned from giving his hands one minute, to having his arms ripped off him the next.

Both sides, armed and angry, apparently refused to come to his aid due to his absolute failure when it came to taking a side.

In defending themselves, They even went as far as to say that Justice has already been done, given the extent of his Neutrality.

For those of you who actually care, Neutrality has since been buried in a small plot in the middle of No-Mans-Land.

OK, unlike the two sides who pulled the arms off Neutrality, I have instead been pulling your leg 😆 but I hope you at least get a sense of where I’m going with this.

As the picture above highlights, Switzerland is a country that is well known for its neutrality and because of this, it is regularly involved in peace building processes from around the world.

Switzerland displays not just Neutrality, but so too and even more so…

Just like the previous picture, the reality of neutrality is in fact a minus symbol that represents falling short.

It is carved on to a gravestone and rests between ones date of birth and ones date of death.

Despite this, those in power like to believe instead that Neutrality is a very big and bold plus stitched on to a Flag.

Just like Trumps Presidency, It is now dead.

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Neutrality serves no real long term purpose other than to seek out truth and weigh up the options for a decision that, sooner rather than later, needs to be taken regarding which side to actually take.

Being Human however can also involve being too stubborn and too proud, and so on that note…

Either way, a person who takes sides must be respected for being able to take their stand because their decision to take a stand and pick a side will automatically bring an unwanted enemy, that being those on the opposing side.

However, just like the Swiss flag, there can actually be a very Big Plus in this, because at the end of the day…

That said, the stand that one takes in any given situation will either be the right one or the wrong one, but with either one, consequences are guaranteed.

At such times, staying neutral on the matter may sound like a safe game to play for many, but the truth of the matter is that it is pure self deception, that with hindsight, one will come to regret.

When it comes to taking sides against oppressors and tormentors, it is true to say that ones decision to stand against them will leave them in a situation where they will stand out like a very sore and downwards facing thumb.

Yes ones opposition may even bring about ones own elimination, but the same can be said for trying to play it safe by staying neutral.

Playing it safe often translates as ‘playing it much more dangerously’ and because of this it can sometimes make much more sense to just, well…

Switzerland has pretty much done the opposite by playing it safe for many, many years and presenting itself as a very pretty and very neutral location to the world.

International organisations and NGOs etc (Especially WEF) have simply taken advantage of that neutrality as well as the protection offered through their diplomatic immunity, to quite literally morph into what is now a very dangerous and dominant Trojan horse

What Is a Trojan Horse in Computer Terms? | InfoSec Insights

It is a Trojan horse that has unfortunately been allowed to become the extremely powerful, ‘accountable to no-one’ entity that it is today.

It is an entity that the Swiss Government along with every other Government in the world have sadly chosen to stand with, even if they do happen to take their good-for-nothing stand horizontally, 6 Feet under the ground.

In the meantime, the Proud and Neutral Swiss Population continue to fly their Swiss Flags above ground, hoping & trusting in the illusion that is their so called direct-democracy, to save them.

They are however oblivious to the fact that, thanks to themselves, the Trojan horse of WEF is now the new, proud and global face of a very deceptive form of Neutrality that seduces with such words as ‘Public/Private Partnerships’, ‘Multi-Stakeholder cooperation’ and ‘collaboration’, to name but a few.

The deceived world powers are simultaneously pursuing WEF and being seduced by it, as well as their Great Reset agenda and their very dark and deceptive plan for Global Corporate Governance.

It is a greedy, greenwashing governance that seeks a fat financial return from every aspect of Human existence

At its heart, is the ‘love’ of money which is only guaranteed to lead us further into all sorts of evil.

Think of those who control the global food supply, those who own the debt that leads to mass poverty, those who manufacturer weapons of war and big pharma and big tech as just some examples of where this is all going. Let me say it in another way…

Despite this, it is important to stamp our hoofs and stand against them, even it’s only with faith the size of a mustard seed for we are on the side of Victory and are called to operate out of it.

It has already been made known, that ultimately, the Great Reset will come to nothing with the Great and Victorious Return.

It will be then and only then when the flags of Rescue, Deliverance and Freedom will be hoisted up and flown high for all to see, as Justice finally gets served, to the sound of triumphant trumpets.

It will be a Great Return indeed, where no Trojan horse will be left standing.

Not even that of our own personal sins, which is after all, the reason behind each of our very own great resets, new years resolutions being a good example.

Regardless of what resolutions you may have made at the beginning of this year and continue to have made since, let Neutralising Neutrality become one of them.

WEF are betting on world domination and have already begun to flip their coins at our expense.

It’s time to pick a flipping side in this, and in everything else for that matter.

Whatever the matter may be, make a decision and make sure its the right one.

Heads or tails?


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