Down with the church!!!

Lets start this post with a little learning experience. At least that’s what it was for my children a few years ago when my Dad allowed each one of them to proudly sit upon the Judges chair 🙂

Now, with that in mind and before I get to the main topic, let me first then use that measure upon myself and simply, loudly and very clearly confess that…

There are many areas of my own life that I need to sort out and there are many ways in which I need to get things right. Feel free to lift me up in prayer from time to time because I do need it. Simple as that. (See that as a confession)

Yes, it will be of no surprise to those of you who know me, that I fail and fall miserably each day, in thoughts, words and deeds, but then again, don’t we all. After all, Nobody´s Perfect, but apparently Heaven is. If only it was possible to get in, well…Thank God for Christ.

My kids experienced this themselves when they were declared guilty and sent away from the dock for what was a very brief, funny and boxed in, to box out moment.

Given their little size, you could say that they fall short when you take a look through the opening of the detention room door 🙂 Just like the Church

Everybody in the church, including pastors and those in leadership will fall short and get it wrong at times.  After all, just like my own children, we are all a work in progress.

It would be very wrong to expect perfection from either ourselves or anybody else for that matter, regardless of how much progress has been made along the way.

However, because it happens to be the Church itself who both believes and confesses that Christ died, rose again and gave his spirit to lead all those who believe in him, into ‘all’ Truth, we are therefore right and justified in expecting church leadership to then be ‘Spirit led‘ into all truth, at least for their own sake, let alone for the sake of their flock.

If Christ is considered to be the ultimate expression of truth, then we can rightfully expect his spirit to also lead us into smaller truths, especially when those smaller truths affect the entire world.

With regards to the current ‘so called’ covid pandemic, the majority of church leaders and their congregations seem to prefer being led by politics, mainstream media and so called experts so as not to appear foolish, but in the process they are forgetting that they are already viewed as such because of their very belief in Christ.

It is a deception that is dividing the church and in many ways it has become a stumbling block to many people, including myself. (Another confession)

Many churches are opening up their ´houses of worship` to be used as vaccination centres, but not for worship. Alternatively they are falling in line with the Covid Commandments.

If only they too would say…

So many individual Christians, encouraged by the media, are also proudly displaying their self righteous “I have been vaccinated” status on social media. 

Many people within the church have glued on their Covid Glasses and wear them with pride, fully focused on fulfilling what they perceive to be their individual and collective responsibility on being a good law abiding citizen, supposedly fighting Covid 19 for the good of everyone, that is until someone else disagrees with them.

Many of them are purposefully ignorant to the direction that this whole thing is going in, and when aware, cowards for not challenging the awful reality, which is that society is being turned into a two tier society that will initially be known as the Vaccinated and the Unvaccinated.

Their willing submission and support for this is helping pave the way for the Vaccinated and Unvaccinated to become more and more viewed as the Clean and the Unclean, and eventually the Human and the Subhuman.

Over the last year, many churches have proven themselves to be ´useless stewards` and their leaders ´scared & sleepy shepherds` when it comes to seeking out the truth in the current situation.`

Full of Pomp and Pulpit, trying to stay above board in an acceptable way so as to hold onto  places, plans, programs, positions and prestige. It is for many, a Pastoral Paralysis occurring within an already compromised and therefore collapsing Church.

The gradual collapse will drive many of those within the church onto safe, comfortable, convenient and yet compromised ground where they will no doubt feel like God has spared them, whilst others who continue to see it for what it really is, will be increasingly driven down into the underground where the torch of truth they carry will shine bright and be their guide.

I remember once going to a country with a group of pastors to visit a local Christian community who are heavily persecuted for their Faith, and where they have no choice but to operate underground.

The group I was there with, were there to help teach, comfort and support the locals in the faith, and yet as far as I was concerned, the reality of the situation was that it should have been them teaching and training us.

They had a bold, confident and courageous, Joyous Faith that had been sown and grown under intense persecution.

On the other hand, the group I was part of, had a Faith built up amongst Western comforts and standards which in many cases (though not all) has in recent times produced nothing more than Fear, Cowardice, and Silence.

The days in which we live are dangerously deceptive.

Now more than ever before, the church (me included) needs to fall down, not just on to the ground, or underground for that matter, but all the way down on to its knees, humble itself, and be led by the spirit as real and direct persecution creeps ever closer under the so called Covid/Climate crisis.

In fact, real and direct persecution has been there the whole time, attached to the name of Christ but the western church has been able to avoid it until now by hiding under the blanket of Comfort and Convenience.

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Breaking news: That blanket is now being pulled away and now is the time for preparation.

Let me therefore close with one last confession… I may be awake but in many ways I’m still in bed and therefore I really need to seriously and properly get up and prepare by getting my own house in order

As a good Friend recently put it, to do anything else, is to be like an injured soldier going out to battle, and injured I am. Pray for my healing, keep up the good fight, but do not forget that the Battle belongs to the Lord, because at times… I do.

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2 thoughts on “Down with the church!!!

  1. the Battle does belong to the Lord, yes, we all should not forget that. Thank you so much. Your work is a real support.


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