The Gaslights of Jerusalema

What comes to mind upon reading the title of this blog post? Many of you may imagine a heart warming picture of the streets of the old city of Jerusalem lit up at night by Gaslights.

For others, it will be something quite different.

Regardless of what comes to mind, let`s be sure to be sure and there`s no better way to be surer than sure than to separate and isolate the key words of the sentence itself.

After all, it`s important that they also adhere to the social distancing guidelines, even if they are not showing any symptoms. Let`s have a quick look.

What is the connection then between the term Gaslighting and the song Jerusalema? The answer is a simple one.

The connection is the year 2020, Covid 19, and the common denominator of them all is the old City of Jerusalem itself.

Now before some of you roll your eyes and make yourself dizzy in the process like someone who has just repeatedly banged their head upon the wailing wall, let me just make it clear that what I am about to share in the next few paragraphs are simply interesting facts, that’s all.

I am not at all hinting at some conspiratorial link between the two. Definitely not.

Lets look at the facts. Eleven days after the very first known case of Covid 19 was found in Wuhan, China, Jerusalema was officially released.

Whilst Covid 19 is ´said to have` grown into a Global Pandemic in 2020, Jerusalema on the other hand grew into a Global phenomenon in 2020.

´Decisions` made by governments (Not Covid 19 itself) have forced society to separate, disconnect, stay at home, and fall into a state of collective depression and in turn, a collective hope in Government, born out of desperation. Oh but isn’t that what Dr Government ordered. Yes it is.

The viral Jerusalema dance challenge however has led to global society connecting through a song whose name is the name of a holy, ancient  city that Jews, Christians and Muslims all connect to and hold dear, and yet ironically, just like Covid 19, it is a city that the world is divided over.

Photo by Haley Black on

As the International Community seek to resolve the Covid 19 Pandemic which apparently the health of the world depends on, so too do they supposedly seek to resolve ´the Jerusalem problem` which both the Unity and Peace of the world depends on.

Interestingly, the very first page of the World Health Organisation`s Constitution makes clear the connection between the Covid 19 problem and the Jerusalem problem. Have a look at the gaslighted text 🙂 below and see for yourself.

This tells us what the song Jerusalema has been telling us all along throughout 2020. That is, that the direction they are trying to bring us in, is that of Jerusalem itself.

What I mean is exactly that; to unite the world through a health crisis and eventually bring about a unity and peace that revolves around Jerusalem.

It is a peace that will only be given to those who will not only cooperate and compromise with them in the current situation regarding Covid 19, but who will continue to cooperate and compromise each step of the way thereafter until there’s, well, nothing left to compromise. Simply put…

Interestingly they are also using Jerusalem and Israel as the world’s laboratory by testing and implementing a very discriminatory Covid Vaccine ‘Green pass system’.

They are holding up their experiment as a shining example of how the world can move forwards. In this sense we are also being taken in the direction of Jerusalem.

If history is anything to go by, what starts in Jerusalem goes out around the world and in the end, it will end in Jerusalem.

Okay, so where does the actual Gaslighting come into all of this?

Well, for a start, Israelies who have been told and promised since the founding off their state that ‘never again’ will something like the discrimination and horrors of the Holocaust be allowed to happen, are now finding that it’s starting to happen again.

This time round, it’s with the full permission of their very own corrupt and treasonous leader, Benjamin Netanyahu. 

On top of that, whilst many people around the world are forced to stay at home through ongoing lockdown measures, large numbers are either participating in, or being entertained by people dancing and singing along to the song Jerusalema.

As already mentioned, it begins with the words ´Jerusalem is my home, guide me, take me with you and do not leave me here`. 

Despite those words, many find themselves, well, pretty much left right here, at home, very alone and with no real guidance.

Photo by Kat Jayne on

What makes it worse is that so many Police and Hospital staff are able to take a large amount of time out to practice their dance routine to Jerusalema before perfecting it together on a video taken within their places of work.

As they do this, they do it smiling, dancing, and clearly enjoying themselves. All this in the middle of a so called pandemic.

A Pandemic that those very same Government led Health and Police Services seem to be making such a big song and dance about when it comes to the general public taking a stand against the injustice of it all.

We are being used, abused and disrespected on a very, very large scale, time and time again, and at the same time we are being entertained and catered for by the very same people.

They say they want the best for us, but blame us for their continued control and oppression.

Its very simple to see what’s going on. This is a continuous, mass psychological war in which we are all on the receiving end.

To bring this to a close, I will once again use the words with which the song Jerusalema begins, but this time round, with my own adaptation.

The New Jerusalem is my home, guide me, take me with you and do not leave me here in the Jerusalem that they are promising, with promises that keep on getting broken and goalposts that keep on getting moved. I can not trust them. Do not leave me here.

On that note, I am now taking my foot of the gas, hitting the breaks, and bringing this post to a slow stop.

I will leave the lights on though because its dark out there and like everyone else, I need to see where I’m going as I’m guided one day at a time towards the new Jerusalem.

At the time of publishing this post, Jews in Israel and around the world are celebrating Passover. A time when after a long period of slavery and oppression in Egypt, the Pharaoh of Egypt had no choice other than to let the people go free.

History shows us that the Pharaohs of the past didn’t have the last word and we can rest assured that neither will the Pharaohs of the present.

Be encouraged because Victory is on our side and Justice will be done in such a way where we can sing and dance the night away and watch as a new day dawns.

Onwards and Upwards.

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