The Great Façade & The Nobody within.

There was a town called Normal whose most famous resident was a man named Mr Majority.

Mr Majority was a very well respected man who lived up in Wanters Way, a very safe and luxurious location that many of Normal´s residents could only dream off living in.

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The only thing about Wanters Way that caused controversy however, was the old ruin on the corner that once belonged to Normals Founder and former resident, Mr Reject who had long since moved out of town.

Residents from Wanters Way, led by Mr Majority himself, had been pleading with Normal Council for years to have the ugly building torn down but failed each time in their attempts to do so because of some legal clause connected to the land upon which the house had been built.

Safety checks had also been made on numerous occasions and found that the main structure of the building was still intact, however a full renovation of the inside would be needed in order for it to be declared `liveable`.

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The residents continued to complain about the fact that it was an eyesore. They said it would only attract all the `wrong type of people` to the area, from the homeless, the drug addicts, criminals and prostitutes to the wild animals themselves.

Their complaints were rejected over and over again on the basis that it still had not just historical value, but also great potential for the future.

One morning, Normal council received a letter from Mr Reject himself who informed Normal Council that he had just made a deal to transfer the ownership of the property over to his Son who would be moving in asap.

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Despite the fact that it needed to be renovated first, Normal council were more than happy to have this long running problem come to an end.

Not long after, on the very same day, Mr Reject´s son moved into the property leaving the residents of Wanters Way stunned.

Many days, weeks and months passed by and the exterior of the building looked no different. They knew that the new resident had recently done some work on the house to protect the interior from the external elements.

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As far as they were concerned, Mr Reject was a Nobody, with Nothing and going Nowhere and his house even more so.

Every time they seen him, he was dirty, dusty, sweaty, smelly, and well…strange. He didn’t fit so well into Wanters Way and would ignore the rude and offensive comments that were thrown his way from time to time.

The only real difference that they could see in the house was that Life was now inside it, given the lit up windows at night.

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Time passed by and Mr Majority grew more and more frustrated with the noise coming from Mr Rejects ongoing construction projects.

They complained about how it interrupted their own peace and quiet, but Mr Reject, as understanding as he was, took no notice and kept on going.

His vision was to restore the house to its old glory and nothing was going to stop him from achieving that. It had to be a home to live in, and not just a house.

Mr Reject noticed that he was the only resident on Wanters Way that was renovating during the whole time he had been there, whilst the other residents only seem to touch up here and there on the exterior of their houses.

He was working from the inside out, and the others were working on the outside, and maybe from the outside in but it was never clear.

Which HOUSE are you? Are your lights on at night?

Whatever your answer, make sure its the truth. For now though, Enjoy the song. Love to all of you.

Onwards and Upwards with this long term renovation.

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