Atomb Bomb

Before you read any further, let me simply warn you that this post includes explosive content with the potential to cause offense and so because of this, I cannot guarantee that you will come away unharmed.

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What makes this post explosive is the heart of the matter, which happens to be the human heart itself.

The Heart is indeed explosive, for out of it flows both Love and Hate. It can go from giving out Life giving hugs and kisses to dropping bombs and firing bullets that are designed to Kill.

It is in fact nothing more than a tomb of religion out of which we live our one and only existence, an existence that each one of us want to naturally benefit from, regardless of how we live it out. I guess you could call it the pursuit of Happiness.

Regardless of whether or not you consider yourself to be religious, one thing is certain, we all become very religious in the many different ways that we try to pursue happiness.

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In that sense, every heart is religious, with its own daily rituals dedicated to the God of Self, a self that is never satisfied, nor worshipped enough. (I’m speaking from personal experience).

It seeks more and more and will use everything and anything possible in order to receive the promise of happiness.

The seeking becomes a pattern, the pattern becomes a habit, the habit becomes an addiction to one thing or another and before you know it, the heart is no longer master, but instead a slave to a new master/masters to whom it repeatedly gives its power.

The addicted and enslaved heart continues on in its journey to pursue hits of happiness in the hope of finding Peace.

Many times, Peace is eventually found…but only on a gravestone just after the words ´Rest in`.

If only I could help, but then again, I`m no angel. Like many people, I’m in need of an atomb bomb to break this heart of stone so that new Life can spring forth. I think I’ve got a Worship disorder. Over and quite literally…Out.

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