The Bucket List.

Once upon a time in the future, we all died (that’s one way to start a blog post). Our entire existence was, in one last heart beat of Life, turned into a memory.

One by one, we all went down in history as the you and me that was, and no longer is, just like each individual from every generation before us.

Some of us were thrown to the winds of the world, and some of us were left to the worms. That was Life, or Death for that matter. A death that quite literally boxed us in. Yet as Jesus Christ himself showed, we are…

You are still alive. Congratulations. Some of us might not feel like it, and some of us might not even look like it, but take my word for it, the very eyes that are reading this right now are windows to a very precious, important and eternal soul.

For most of us, we don’t have to wait for death to box us in. The troubles of this life do it for us. They can often leave us feeling very much stuck and boxed in on a regular or permanent basis.

And so on that note, let me introduce the bucket list, but not in the way you might expect.

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For most people, a bucket list is a list of dreams that one hopes to turn into reality at different points during their life time.

At Nobody Nobox however, a Bucket list is reality itself which must be confronted in order for one to box out properly. Let me explain.

Once upon a time, there was a Farmer called Frank and every evening, Frank would carry out the usual task of milking his cows.

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After squeezing out the last few remaining drops of milk, he would normally close up the working day by double checking the temperature of the milk storage tank before walking back to his house.

In the morning, he would go back out to the milk tank and skim away the fatty layer that had risen to the surface overnight, into a bucket. He would then return to the house with bucket in hand and pour a few drops in to his piping hot coffee, before placing the rest of it into the fridge.

One morning however, after collecting the usual full bucket, he became distracted when one of his cows began to give birth, and in a hurry, he put down the bucket, left and forgot all about it.

Two local frogs called Fred and Fritz were passing by that morning when they noticed the huge cold bucket of milk in front of them. In search of adventure, they jumped up and landed with a big splash in the middle of the bucket.

Though it was fun to begin with, Fritz soon realised that it wouldn’t be long before his fun would turn into his funeral. He tried to keep afloat amidst the thick, fatty milk, but as time went by, his strength started to fade and all he could think about was the life that he would now never get to live.

Unable to see a way out of his situation, he lost all hope and soon Fritz’s body disappeared into the depths of the Milk bucket.

A very shocked and scared Fred who had just previously had his right eye kicked out by Fritz’s desperate kicks to stay alive, decided that he would fight to the death for the chance to live. Full of determination, Fred began to swim round and round in the bucket.

It wasn’t long before all that fatty milk began to get thicker, and after some time it had turned into butter from which Fred the frog was then able to climb his way out of.

He lived to tell the tale. He was Boxed in, to Box out.

Let me be clear, your future bucket list is in fact the list of those things within your present bucket. What is your situation? What do you have to hand? One of the strategies of Nobody Nobox’s very own ´Nobox Approach`, is called the ´Nobox Toolbox`.

Imagine for one moment that you have been boxed in to a very big tool box and you need to box out.

Well, the tools are in the box. the trick is in knowing what each of the tools are for, how to use them to the best of their potential and when to use them, and Fred, well… He knew.

What’s in your bucket list?

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    1. Hi there. I’m sorry I’m only writing back now. Actually I seen your message upon receiving it and intended to reply later but life took over. Thank you for coming on board. Hope you enjoy what’s here and find it interesting, thought provoking or at least helpful in some way. Here’s to a new week. Have a good one. 👍


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