(2018 + Covid 19) = (2021 + Catch 22)

In 2018, when the world was what we remember and presently refer to as ´normal`, I found myself in a situation of ‘Burnout’ and Depression which came about after many years of fighting and struggling with stress, which itself had come from a wide variety of personal challenges.

I was diagnosed with depression and in my desperation, I agreed to start using some medication (sleeping tablets and anti depressants) to help me through what was at that time, a very difficult and uncertain time).

Both my Doctor and Psychologist at that time suspected that the depression most likely stemmed from an undiagnosed ADHD (Attention Deficit, Hyperactive disorder). 

I will cover the subject of ADHD in a later blog post, however all I will say for now is that I went through a very questionable diagnostic process that led to an official diagnosis and in turn, more medication for me, and more money for Big Pharma.

Because of the two different types of medication that I was taking, it took me about half a year to find the right combination of drugs that worked both well together and well on me.

During those six months, I not only experienced a wide variety of side effects to the different medications that I had been trying, but there were moments when my behaviour was a little, and at times, a lot out of character.

Eventually though, the right combination was found, and although not perfect, it certainly helped. The anti-depressants were easy to deal with. I just needed to take them every morning.

The ADHD medication however was not as easy to manage. They certainly lifted me up and helped me to focus etc, but their positive effects would eventually wear off after a few hours, and by lunch time I would be tired and on a little bit of a downer.

This meant that I had to take more of the same medication to keep things ticking over until the evening, especially during working days, and of course, by the evening, it was the same story. 

I took more medication in the evening to try to make the most of what little Family Time was left and to stay on top of the program.

This process continued for over a year and a half, during which time my dosage was increased.

To avoid any setbacks with myself, and to avoid any setbacks at work or in Family Life, I continued with the medication despite feeling the need to reduce it.

The Pharmaceutical Industry certainly profited from my diagnosis and situation during that time.

Let’s put the issue of medication on hold for a moment.

Along came Covid 19. It was declared a Pandemic, Governments introduced a lot of measures, restrictions, rules and regulations, and in turn, Chaos followed. Life as we once knew it… changed.

As time went by, many cracks and holes have appeared in the official narrative that has been given by both Government and Mainstream Media. Millions of people around the world, including myself, began to look into these cracks and holes and it became quite obvious that the official narrative is not what it is made out to be.

Since then, lies and corruption have become more and more evident and therefore exposed. This exposure has clearly provoked both Government and Media and many of those conditioned by them into becoming more judgemental, condemning, threatening, oppressive and tyrannical towards those who refuse to accept the official narrative.

Therefore the need to continue highlighting the official narrative’s shortcomings, to expose the evidence backed truth for all to see and increase the resistance to it becomes all the more greater. It is not just important, but so too urgent.

Politicians, Journalists, Professors, Scientists, Doctors and many other professional and non professional people from around the world continue to stand up against the already one year long psychological war that both Governments and Media continue to wage against their populations, and make no mistake about it, this is a War.

This opposition continues to increasingly find itself attacked & discredited. Good, honest reputations have been tarnished, hard earned careers have been destroyed, and of course, given the ever increasing dominance and censorship from Big Tech, desperately caring and truth filled voices have been silenced.

This healthy opposition was in the beginning, just that. A healthy, critical thinking opposition made up of many people from all parts of society.

Since then, a slow but sure process has begun. This process is designed to drive this opposition over to the margins of society, which has already proven itself to be successful.

If History is anything to go by, eventually this marginalisation will develop into a process of dehumanisation and in turn, expulsion from every aspect of Human Society.

History has taught us this much but it can and should be avoided.

Because we are living in the modern world, most people refuse to believe that such a thing can now happen, especially in the western industrialised nations.

At every moment in history however, when such injustices occurred, it was at that time, the modern day, with modern day people and with modern day thinking.

Oh how foolish we are. Injustice is all around us, and quite often it is operating both within and through ourselves

With every new tide in the Human Race, there is a sense of modernity. With this sense of modernity, comes a pride, with pride, comes a blindness, with blindness, ignorance and with ignorance, history repeats itself. There is nothing new under the sun.

I am well aware of the fact that what you have just read, may for most people, sound like an overreaction from myself to the current world situation concerning Covid 19 etc but it is not.

My reasons for rejecting the official narrative, as well as the direction it is leading us in, can be best understood by watching my ongoing Video series ´The Road to De-Mask-Us`. Each video in the series can be found by clicking on the menu along the top right of the window below.

The beginning of my journey into the world of diagnosis, medication and my new found position as a money making statistic for big Pharma in 2018, and the interruption of that journey by Covid 19, led me to question the journey itself throughout the last half of 2020. This questioning is even more relevant given the fact that Big Pharma now plays a major global role in this so called ´Pandemic`.

Though some of what Big Pharma does is useful and beneficial, they have corrupted the fields of Medicine, Psychiatry and Science itself for the purpose of Profit and I have therefore decided to reject my already questionable diagnosis of ADHD.

For this reason, I have decided to begin the process of weaning myself of the medication that my brain has gotten used to over the last year and a half. I would love to come off it at once but unfortunately it is not so easy.

The reason for this decision however, is not just because of the role that Big Pharma plays, but also because of the direction which our 2021 society seems to be quickly going in.

Masks have been compulsory for a while now when it comes to going in to shops etc, and before long, proof of a negative test, and/or proof of vaccination (Covid Health Pass) will be required for everyone, everywhere, though I do hope I’m wrong,

When this happens and due to my opposition to it, I expect life to get much more difficult, as do all those in opposition to it.

Many more restrictions will be put in place and at some point that will no doubt include being unable to go into a pharmacy or doctors surgery to collect my medication.

If the time comes, and I need to immediately go cold turkey, the withdrawal process will have an immediate impact on myself and most likely prevent me from fully being there for my Family in all the ways that they would need me to be there for them. With this in mind, preparation is a must, especially now whilst it is still possible to do so.

Since I began the process of slowly reducing my medication, I have certainly experienced its impact. I have experienced an increase in sleepless nights, restlessness, agitation, low energy, tiredness and low moods.

Lethargy has got the best of me in recent times and that is no doubt evident to those of you who may have noticed an absence of blog posts, project updates and general contact.

Though this may appear to be self inflicted, I should say that I am very much aware of why this is, and for what reasons I have decided to come away from the medication. I am focused on the long term goal of being free from it, and being there for my Family.

There will be those that call me selfish and say that I am not thinking of my Family by taking the stand I am taking, however it is exactly because of my Family, that I need to take this stand.

The year ahead is going to bring much more challenges and changes with it, and the psychological war against us all will continue to intensify, and so too, will the resistance to it.

Everyone needs a Strategy to go through the storm ahead because the World Economic Forum’s introduction of their ´Multi-Stakeholder Economy`, the continued accelerance of their ´Fourth Industrial Revolution` and the implementation of their ´Great Reset Initiative` which the Corona Crisis is being used for to bring about, are going forwards regardless.

With God being our fortress, Prayer is the key weapon, but Faith without works…is Dead. 

Many people are in need of help, especially those that don’t know it, and many of those that don’t know it are in many dead churches that are in need of a revival.

Those same Dead churches have failed their societies at a time when society needed them the most to seek out and stand up for Truth on such a Global matter. If that had happened, many people would have respected their stand and because of that witness for the truth, The Church as a whole could have grown.

Photo by Markus Winkler on Pexels.com

Instead however, we are seeing huge amounts of people flocking into new age conspiracy/ truth seeking movements which I believe are intentionally being increased to be set up later down the line, and the church is partly responsible for that.

It is also important however, to mention that there are many churches standing for Truth by reaching out in Love, and in doing so, they set an example for myself to follow, and so on that note, let me close with the following picture, because it speaks to me.

I would appreciate prayer. Until next time Friends.

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