The Road to De-Mask-Us: Part 1.

This post is in the form of a video whose link can be found at the bottom of this page.

It is also Part 1 of a soon to be released video series under the same name, ‘The Road to De-Mask-Us’.

It is a video series that will both reveal and explain exactly why the slow but sure social and economic destruction that we are all presently witnessing, is not simply an unintended consequence that comes from so called desperate government attempts to stop the Corona Virus.

With official evidence from official sources, I will show how it is instead a very cold and intentional international strategy that is being used to remove the middle class, transfer wealth, remove the right to own private property and to help create the right conditions for achieving officially published goals and objectives, many of which have been created, developed and pushed by non-elected Private/Public partnerships, many of whom base themselves here in ‘not so Neutral’ Switzerland.

These goals and objectives have been put to the International community who have agreed to incorporate them into both Domestic Policy and Foreign Policy and make them their highest priority.

This is not just about Corona, masks, or money.  This is about offical agreements that the governments and the media are not openly talking about. If they did, the population would demand answers on a scale never seen before.

If it was only about Corona, then we would have a chance at stopping it in its tracks but sadly we don’t.

Hope exists however, and can see us through the storm ahead. Now is the time to be informed.

For such a time as this.

Please click on the video link below to find out more

I have also included the link to my previous written blog post. Feel free to read.

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