The Road to De-Mask-Us: An Introduction

Masks are now in fashion, or to be more accurate, they are now an in-fashion fraud, forced upon the world by facist following, fear mongering, freedom taking, fist banging failures, also known to you and me as Governments, just like the one below.

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They are full of cowardly, corrupt, patronizing, profiteering and pride filled Politicians who operate under the pretense of Patriotism.

More and more people who have been ignored, frustrated and played with by their Political representatives, are beginning to shake their fists back at them as they come to the realisation that Politicians do not have their best interests at heart after all.

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Governments have instead, wrongfully commited themselves to managing their populations by whatever means necessary.

Rather than using their positions of power and influence to serve the people by bravely standing up for the truth, they choose instead to deny truth to keep their weakened positions from which they serve themselves.

In their betrayal, they have unleashed  a tsunami of lies, manipulation and psychological warfare.

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It is a warfare that has both attacked and captured the minds of the masses over the last six months, and boxed them in to the lie called ‘Pandemic’.

A ‘Political Pandemic’ in which Populations have been, and continue to be groomed into poverty.

It is a poverty that leads them into debt. A debt that leaves them increasingly restricted and in turn more dependant on the Government for Help and Guidance.

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In the end, this dependence produces a much more controlled, obedient, submissive and soldier like population who simply settle for following orders to fall in line.

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This type of warfare being used against us, must be fought against using all non-violent means at our disposal, not only for ourselves, but more importantly,  for our children and our children’s children.

As Human beings with limited capacity, Prayer is a powerful weapon that is all too often ignored.  Our Governments need it, We the People need it, I know I need, in fact, who doesnt need it?

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If there is somebody who doesnt need it, then I call upon that person to come forward and sort this situation out for all of us.

We also need to be bold and brave enough to step up to the challenge and take our own individual stand on the side of reason and Truth.

We must be prepared to reach out to those of the same opinion so as to become more connected on both an individual and group level.

We need to become more informed and much more organised on a Local, National and Global scale.

We must be both willing and prepared to protest against these abuses and the silence that allows them to continue.

Protests should not be limited to just street protests, but should also be extended to cover other options.

Some of those options include collectively and repeatedly contacting  media, political representitives and International Organisations who are involved in this Political Pandemic.

They need to be stretched to the point of becoming overwhelmed through phonecalls, letters and emails combined, in order to make our voices heard and for our concerns to be taken seriously.

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We must keep highlighting and questioning the falsehoods within the official narrative, both privately and publicly, and not settle until those in power listen to their conscience, come to their senses and do whats right for everyone by standing up for Truth.

All of the above are options for all of us, but more than everything else, We must become 100% non compliant when it comes to all things Covid.

No Social Distancing, No Masks, No Disinfecting, No downloading Covid Track and Trace Apps and above all, Refusing and resisting the mass mandatory vaccination programs that will eventually be introduced if we don’t act now.

It is important to remember that in this situation, we are the Sensible Majority and not the Crazy Minority who we are being made out to be.

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We must also acknowledge and understand however that the majority of the ‘Majority’ often remain silent and scared in the beginning and is often the very reason why the Majority are assumed to be the Miniority.

Firstly, they worry that when the time comes, very few will actually take their stand, and secondly they fear that they have more to lose by making their stand known.

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My only response is that both the current and coming situation that we as Humanity are facing is going to continue to change our lives against our will anyway, regardless of whether or not we take a stand. 

The best chance we have as a Human Family to stop, or at the very least, delay the dystopian nightmare that lies ahead, is to get active and take action now, and in the months ahead

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It is also important to state that those in the population who dont happen to hold the same opinion on this matter should by no means be considered as an enemy.

They are Family, Friends and strangers who have been unwillingly caught up in this uncertainty just like everyone else and who like ourselves base their stand on the wide variety of information available.

At the end of the day, everyone just really wants to get on with working, spending time with loved ones, socialising and Life in general.

We must therefore be creative and constructive when it comes to developing and using a strategy like Nobody Nobox’s very own ‘Nobox Approach’.

In the situation we now find ourselves, we are all weak and vulnerable and there lies our strength to overcome the warfare being used against us.

Our governments say that they have declared War on Covid 19, and the measures they are imposing upon us to win their so called War are turning us all into ‘Prisoners of this War’.

Because of this, we must therefore consider, research the Geneva Convention to see if it would be possible to apply it and use it as a legal means of defending ourselves, our rights and our freedoms.

After all, according to the Geneva Convention, collective punishment is a War Crime. If there are any international law experts who happen to be reading this, please get in contact through the contact page above.

Above all, our Core focus, including our thoughts and feelings, needs to remain on our individual present day Life, and the responsibilities and priorities that each of us have.

Though not always easy, self discipline must be put into practice and yet at the same time we cannot be like the Swiss in pretending to be neutral because for those that want to stand in the middle of the ‘Road to De-Mask-Us’ will quickly find themselves run over and left to the vultures. 

Whats needed is a healthy balance, and as they say, the only way to keep your Balance when riding a bicycle is to keep moving Forwards.

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Many people have become convinced that this warfare being used against us, is instead a reached out hand wanting to help us for our own good.

Those of us who are not at all convinced by the persistant propaganda over the last six months due to it having more holes than swiss cheese, continue to be made out as Outlaws.

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Law enforcement and the Judiciary are being used to not only keep us in order, but to protect our increasingly oppressive governments from being brought to Justice.

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Friends, The Road to De-Mask-Us is a long one upon which the misguided and soon to be bloodied footsteps of Humanity now tread.

It is a strange, unimagined and very much unwanted journey that all of us are now making, ever since we were forced out of the Familiar world we once knew.

Many of us in the one and only individual existence that we have each been given to live out, now find ourselves as masked refugees being collectively trafficked across the Pharmacological seas of uncertainty, to be pimped out by our political masters upon reaching land, for the purpose of being publicly raped by needle.

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It is a needle whose climax consists of a rushed and senseless Vaccination that is not wanted nor needed and one which will only profit those rapists themselves, for that is what they are. Groomers and Rapists of Humanity.

This is what we are up against folks. This is why it must be taken seriously. There are far too many holes in the official narrative for us to just ignore in the same way that the people of Nazi Germany did.

With the journey set to continue, some of us on board are traveling in the direction of a place called ‘Identity Removed’ and some of us are traveling in the direction of a place called ‘Identity Restored’.

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Though we hope for a better future, many on-board are still either clinging to or looking and longing for the Familiarity of the Past. A Past that is gone and not coming back.

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‘Going back to Normal’ is not just a pretty phrase to sooth the soul on a stormy sea, but it is in itself, a very deceptive bribe being thrown at all of us, so as to bring about our compromise regarding the coming ‘Worldwide Health Apartheid’

Despite the difference in what each of us beleive our destination to be, we currently travel together in a very special yet strange vehicle called ‘Agenda’ which has been very kindly provided for us by the United Nations.

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If you have already watched and read my last post then you will remember that in highlighting the information included in the two pictures below this paragraph, I explained how UN strategies and methods take legal priority over Human rights and freedoms, specifically when those strategies and methods are being used to Achieve both UN Goals and UN Agendas.

UN Human rights Charter. Article 29
First part of the WHO constitution.

Well Friends, it’s exactly in one of those Agendas in which we now find ourselves traveling in.

In order to find out where the road to De-Mask-Us is going, we need to have a very brief overview of where the vehicle/agenda we are currently in came from and the purpose of its creation.

For now though, all I will say is that it is Green in colour and big enough to carry us all along the tiresome and turbulent road to De-Mask-Us that lies ahead.

Keep your eyes open for the next part: ‘The Road to De-Mask-Us: Part 1.

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