UNBoxing The HOW in WHO

Links to both The UN Charter on Human Rights, and the WHO Constitution.



To gain deeper insight into the Corrupt and Secret world of WHO, I suggest that you take time to watch the last two video links shown at the bottom of this page, just before my closing comments..

One is a short investigative Documentary on WHO, and the last link (titled ‘Trust WHO’) is a much more lengthy and surprising Documentary which exposes the lies, corruption and malpractice that has now become common practice at WHO.

In the meantime, feel free to have a look at the following shorter clips of Reasonable, Informed, Qualified people who’s open, honest argument is worthy of a listen.

The argument in the Following link speaks for itself.

The first half a minute of the following link below may seem strange, but the information and questions that follow, should not be ignored.

Another Doctor from my home Country of Northern Ireland speaks out and includes lots of good news towards the end of the video.

The Following link is just one example out of many worldwide, where experienced and credible professionals are being forced to leave their Medical profession simply because of speaking out.


Although the Tone of the Narrator of the following video link can make your eyes roll, he does highlight some very important facts that are not being told.

This Link below, gives a very brief but interesting look into the questionable practices of The World Health Organisation.

For a fully detailed, eye opening insight into WHO, I highly recommend that you click on the link below. This highly investigative documentary exposes WHO, for who WHO is.  A corrupt organisation that has been sadly sold to special interest groups.

Trust Who: https://www.bitchute.com/video/y8MfHar0JPCD/

Coming soon… Watch this space for the 2nd part of this blog post, titled ‘The Road to DeMaskUs

Last Thoughts

As Summer ends, Autumn begins and the journey towards Winter gets under way. With less sunlight, comes less Vitamin D, and so because of this, Winter Depression will once again become a common theme for many.

If the possibility of a second lockdown in many countrys comes to frutation,’ then we can expect an increase in side effects from these lockdowns, such as Mass Unemployment, Poverty (increased dependence on the state) Social Isolation/Loneliness (especially at Christmas time), Obesity, Depression, and Suicide, to name but a few.

Given those Side effects, there will be an increase in medical problems within the global population, and this in turn will also bring huge product demands to the Pharmaceutical industry, of which it will profit immensely.

With the Winter, will come the seasonal Flu, which will also no doubt be recorded instead as Covid 19. This in turn will allow governments to justify further restrictive measures along with the need for a vaccine itself.

More tests are naturally showing more infections but Death rates are very very low.

Some of those Idiots happen to be running this Technocratic show but hide behind their nice well meaning, but non functioning masks and try to force all of us to do the same.

Though a mask may need to be worn at times to avoid unnecessary and time consuming confrontations over minor matters, The mask itself is a symbol of what is ahead.

It is a symbol that blocks out our individual identity (Face), A symbol of the loss of Freedom of Speech, A symbol of Global Conformity (Despite our differences, we are all starting to look the same). 

In short, it is a symbol of submission and oppression. A Symbol, a Muzzle and indeed a Face Nappy that can be viewed as evidence that ‘WHO Farted’. It is the perfect description which sums up ‘The HOW in WHO’.

Though we are all Nobodies in the eyes of the elite, there is a difference between being a nobody, and being a Nobody Nobox, and that my Friends, is where they get it so very badly wrong.

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