The Cookie Box

Today, Saturday, the fourth of July 2020, The United States of America are celebrating their Independence day. It will be in a much more restricted manner compared to previous years, but no doubt there will still be a wide variety of public and private events taking place throughout the country to remember the History, Government, and Traditions of the good old U.S of A.

Well, yes I did. What’s wrong with that. After all, isn’t that what we all want, regardless of where we live in the world?

It would be true to say that every one of us would be both happy and proud to belong to a place that we could truly call…

Freedom however, can mean many things to many people but for the purpose of this post, lets use the word ‘Liberty’, as in the Statue of Liberty.

Liberty is the state of being free, and in a general sense it is the ability to do as one pleases, or simply put, to do what you want.

As most of us know, we all want what we need but we don’t all need what we want.

We all have wants. Some of them are healthy and some of them are not, and just as our unhealthy wants are not good for us, along with the consequences that they may bring, so too is getting too much of what we want not good for us. I think we can all agree with that.

Because its the fourth of July however, rather than taking the biscuit, lets instead take a Cookie, or a whole Box of them to see whats inside.

Unknown to many, Cookies originated in the 7th century AD in what is now known as modern day Iran, an Iran that today finds itself high up on the American list of Enemy states.

With Cookies being an American term for Biscuits in general however, they are often seen to be an American invention and are therefore marketed around the world as a purely American cultural export.

They even find their way into my kitchen cupboard at times here in Switzerland where they tend not to stay around for too long. I blame my Wife Ursula, She blames the kids, and they…well..they blame me.

All joking aside though, Cookies do have the power to create chaos and division. If one of my children gets one cookie more than the others, it can lead to tantrums and tears. They all end up wanting one more.

Given that it is the fourth of July, let me share four steps involved that I have observed when it comes to getting what you want, whether it be cookies or anything else for that matter.

First and foremost there is knowing what you want, secondly: wanting it, thirdly: getting it, and the fourth and final step being the sense of satisfaction that you experience upon getting that which you wanted and now have.

As satisfying as it may be to exercise your Liberty and your Freedom to choose, to the fullest extent possible, Nobody Nobox has strangely discovered that the more you take out of the cookie box, the more you will end up inside it.

It’s a box that each and every one of us happen to be in, and that we are also directly affected by, one way or the other. Let me explain.

The cookie box of which I write, works a little bit differently than a normal cookie box.

A normal cookie box contains cookies that we want, but this cookie box, although made to be practical, often trades cookies with us that we don’t really want, for things that we do want, kind of like a bribe.

In most cases we accept the cookies because of the ease of getting to the next step of getting what we want. Rather than storing these cookies in the kitchen cupboard however, instead, we end up having them stored for us on our Phones and Computers.

I highly recommend that you watch the following 2 short videos to gain a brief and easy understanding of what they are and how they operate before continuing to read any further.

You may have heard the term ‘Targeted Advertising’ used in the above videos. It simply means giving you what you want, but at a price.

You get your Email address, Google Search, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Messenger, Whats App services etc, etc all for free but never forget you are the Product. Yes, a product that is over time being packed up into a Box, that is ultimately not for your benefit.

Your Data is what matters and all those who pay for it for the purpose of targeting you with more person specific, profit driven advertising, are themselves the Customers. That’s the reality and that’s the Hard Cold Sale that we are all caught up in the middle of.

Think about this small example for a moment. If my online browsing activity were to show that I am addicted to online gambling or alternatively to online pornography, there will be one natural expected outcome, according to the nature of computer cookies.

The outcome would be that I end up getting pointed even further into this or that addiction because of all the targeted advertising I would receive.

This would not box me out into Freedom, but instead, it would box me into slavery to a master that I had used my liberty to choose. It would then become my own personal cookie Box.

Big Tech and their social media platforms are not just big business, making money on the backs of us all , but they are in fact very dominant, monopolising, social engineering cookie monsters who are increasingly making, imposing and normalising far left social standards upon the global population.

They are emerging into a new form of Government that wields huge global power and influence. They are now the Key-holders to global Information, a modern compass deciding what is right and wrong and they are highly likely to soon become the Masters of Global Banking.

The world is increasingly being left with no other options but to conform with their social media policies so that they may keep their broad channels of communication open, or alternatively oppose them and find themselves censored and dis-communicated from ‘The online community’ and parallel to that, increasingly discredited by and shunned from the physical one.

Throughout Human history, People have always had problems with one another, and there has always been two sides to the same story, if not more.

The artificial intelligence behind the secretive algorithms that Big Tech are using however, has become the main contributor to creating what is a very extreme, divided and polarised social climate that we all now happen to find ourselves living in.

The list of Battles is endless. There is the battle between East and West, Left & Right, Right & Wrong, Black & White, Brexit & No Brexit, Lockdown & No Lockdown, and every other battle that exists in every part of this planet that we call Home.

Regardless of the battles and the opposing sides, the people involved, as with all of us, are living in a digital age that involves accepting Cookies online, left, right and centre.

They do it to find what they want, go where they want and to get what they want and in the process, both sides of any given battle end up becoming more emboldened and more extreme in their views thanks to custom made info/news etc being sent their way 24/7, 365.

Internal divisions are of course both present and visible within every society. The USA is just one example.

Though divided, Societies around the world are being drawn into the Cookie Box together and may one day wake up to find themselves living under a digital dictatorship only to be left wondering how they ended up in a collective cookie box titled ‘Division Multiplied = Conquered’

The same question is no doubt being asked by many Americans today, 244 Years after declaring Independence from Britain.

Today it finds itself not united and not truly free. On top of that, due to the power of Individual want on a National scale, it now finds itself slowly, if not quickly, accepting cookies, and blindly trading their Independence in for Marxism.

With the way things are going, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if the Statue of Liberty ends up getting pulled down like the other ones I’ve seen recently.

In that situation, the hopes and dreams of unity, freedom, independence and peace would be officially left in, well… Pieces, with the British and Iranians nowhere to be seen.

Maybe its just me though, or maybe it’s the Cookies.

What is clear for all of us to see however, is that there is a quickly growing, manipulated, western, homegrown movement of aggressive, self defeating and manipulating communists who are using their Liberties to take those very same Liberties away from themselves, and from all of Us.

Let me be clear, Nobody Nobox will not bow the knee to any of it.

At the end of the day though, this new ‘Cancel culture’ is just one small side effect of a larger and much more powerful ‘Cookie culture’ where we are all at risk of being manipulated into one side or the other and monitored thereafter.

Well Friends, Stay informed, stay Boxed out and stay standing.

Enjoy the variety of related videos shown below.

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