Doctor WHO’s Box to the Future.

In my last post, ‘Zero to Hero’, I focused in on how healthcare workers around the world have been elevated to Hero status in the fight against Covid 19. 

I also mentioned towards the end of that post that I believe a high risk box exists around their new found Hero status.

So what is this high risk box? Well, before I answer that question, let me, for the purpose of this post, throw in a little reminder on why it is that Healthcare workers around the world are now defined as heroes.

Covid 19 is considered to be a danger to the health of all Humanity, and therefore those (Healthcare workers) who are said to be serving in combat on the frontlines of this global ‘pandemic’, are viewed as fighting on the behalf of Humanity itself, you and me included, hence the ‘Hero’ status.

In fact, because they are reported to be fighting against what is said to be ‘a shared threat from a shared enemy’, their newly given ‘Hero’ status seems to be ‘uniting the world’ into a strange and questionable form of ‘Healthcare Worship’ where the hopes of a response and the expectation of a saviour regarding Covid 19, lie in waiting at the World Health Organisation.

‘Society is being unified through this in to a shared sense of community.’

It is a community with a shared goal of defeating a shared enemy by whatever means necessary so as to get back to the normal everyday life that everyone longs for. (Notice the word ‘shared’, I will pick up on that later).

Now, is there anything wrong with this new Hero status? Is there anything wrong in having more of a community spirit in societies where it is lacking? Is there anything wrong in being united with a shared goal of seeking to conquer that which is said to be a Health risk to all of us?

So once again, where is the problem then? Where is the Box that Nobody Nobox claims to be currently under construction amidst the chaos that is Corona? The time has now come to answer that question. Yes, it’s time to reveal the Box.

If the current Hero status for Healthcare workers, as well as the new sense of global community being built around the shared goal of being saved from Covid 19, had both been birthed amongst the People (General Public), then it wouldn’t raise too many eyebrows.

However, because it has stemmed from, been encouraged by, and led by National Governments together with the Mass Media, it is therefore of utmost importance that tough questions be asked and solid answers be demanded regarding the motives behind their unifying campaign.

When the Government and the mass media walk hand in hand together and sing in perfect harmony from the same hymn sheet whilst preaching lock-down and social distancing to their own populations, and at the same time attempt to unite these very same populations into a train of thought that they themselves started, then rest assured that all is not as it seems.

The need to challenge and question both national governments and the mass media on this matter is an urgent one.

What makes it even more urgent is the fact that it was they themselves who joined together in unleashing what has been a very well coordinated, sophisticated, ruthless and global fear based and fear led mass media campaign upon their own populations. 

Because of this campaign, these populations have now been left in a permanent state of anxiety, panic and fear, with an unbelievable measure of confusion, uncertainty and insecurity thrown into the mix.

This new ‘War of Terror’, has affected the physical, mental, emotional and financial health of countless numbers of people throughout global society, and continues to do so, to this present day.

It is a crime against humanity that has been carried out on a global scale, and yet no one is being held accountable.

There are many within each population who will say something along the lines of “yeah I know where your coming from but… Its justified”. Because of this, I think it’s important to zoom out for a moment and look at it from a different angle.

Imagine just for a moment that there is a man who physically imprisons his wife at home, and prevents her from going anywhere or seeing anyone.

Imagine that he uses fear, to manipulate her into feeling like a danger to everyone else and parrellel to that, leaves her scared of everyone else.

Imagine that he makes it impossible for her to access those other places where he says so many are dying, to reinforce the need for her to stay at home.

Imagine how he also reinforces this need by bringing home pictures of graveyards. Imagine how her mental and emotional health suffers drastically because of this and the isolation she finds herself in.

Imagine he phoned her boss to inform him/her that she can not come back to work until he decides himself that it is the right time, leaving her financially dependent on him and therefore in debt to him.

Imagine that because of all these measures, her immune system ends up even weaker, leaving her health much more at risk, and imagine that when she wanted to know anything, he would make sure that he was the only person from whom she received information, and because of this, she had no other choice but to beleive him and trust that he is looking out for her.

Finally, imagine that he told her that its all for her own safety because he loves her and because of this Love, he is going to have to increase his watch over her life.

We would call it for what it is. Outright Cruelty and Domestic Abuse. We would call the police to stop it immediately and we would demand that the abuser be brought before the courts of Justice to be judged accordingly, and have him face the consequences of his actions.

Now imagine you were that woman and this was your reality. Well… it is

Why is it any different then when our governments gang up with the mass media to do exactly the same thing on a much greater scale? Now there’s a million dollar question for you?

Talking of questions, Where has Justice gone? What has happened to Transparency? What has happened to a Free and Independent Press? What has happened to Democracy?

What has happened to individual human rights regarding the right to an education, right to protest, freedom of association and freedom of movement etc?

If human rights and freedoms can be turned on and off at will, then we have to face the hard truth and admit that it’s just a illusion that has been presented to us and one that we want to beleive in regardless of what reality tells us.

Lockdowns are for prisioners and for animals and not for a healthy majority.

What happened to critical thinking and the ability to openly and freely question the official narrative as we have always been able to do before. It all just seems to have, well… stopped.

Of course, I am well aware of the fact that in recent years, due to the curse of political correctness, that these qualities have become harder to practice.

With Covid 19 however, and the use of Healthcare workers as Societys Heroes in order to bring on board the majority of the population and conform it into supporting a shared, but given goal, it seems that an opposing side is no longer wanted, nor required.  The inability to protest speaks volumes on the matter.

Those who do oppose the official narrative because of its many contradictions and because of a genuine respect and love for democracy and human rights, are now simply swept aside and referred to as ‘conspiracy theorists’.

What is a conspiracy theory though? Well, it is simply a theory that conspires against, does not agree with, or alternatively challenges the official narrative.

Who creates the Official Narrative? Well, the beloved government and mass media of course. Whats wrong with challenging it in a fair and honest way? Well, nothing, unless you find yourself under a tyrannical dictatorship of course. Oh, wait a minute…Could it be the beginning of one? In my opinion the answer is yes. After all, humanity has been here before.

From the beginning of this Corona crisis, one question has deeply troubled me.

Why would the Governments of the world, along with the mass media, and the markets themselves allow the global economy to collapse in to an economic depression affecting everybody on the planet, in order to protect the sick and elderly, who both, in the eyes of the markets, do not contribute.

Now before anyone takes offense, this is not how I view the sick and the elderly. Certainly not. I am simply stating that as far as the financial markets go, elderly people in many countries rightfully receive their pensions and in many cases they use public services at a reduced cost, if not for free.

Another thorn in the eyes of the economy is that because elderly people are living longer than previous generations, inheritance is therefore only getting passed on to their children when they themselves are reaching pension age, and in turn this inheritance does not go back into the economy in the way that it used to.

Equally, in many countries, people who are sick and have ill health are often the recipients of one or more types of financial benefit such as sick pay from their employer, or some form of disabilitiy living allowance from the government.

If these people are viewed as a financial drain on the markets by the markets themselves, then why would caring for them and protecting them, be used as the reason for shutting down economys around the world during lockdowns. it just does not make sense.

The Markets have always put ‘Love of Money’ over the ‘Love of People’. In fact the use of people at as low a cost as possible in order to maximise profit, is how the world economy is able to function and grow.  We only have to look at the words of American Economist Milton Friedman concerning this.

Without an answer to my own question, I beleive the situation only makes sense if the Love of Money is still somehow behind it all.

Although there are alot of people for whom this crisis will be an opportunity to make a lot of money out of, money itself is only a means to an end. Because of this I beleive that it is more than likely the case that power and control is the ultimate Goal in all of this. 

When money is used intelligently, strategically, and deceptively, it can buy both power and control.

Power and Control by the Elite ‘Some bodies’ of the world over everyone else, who they consider to be the Nobodies.

Don’t be fooled into believing their Communist ‘all are equal, but some (they) are more equal than others’ motto but instead dare to be not a somebody, nor a Nobody, but…

Whether or not the economy is up and running and at its best, or alternatively burnt to the ground, the abilitiy to take full control of it and reorder it as one sees fit, is what appeals the most and thats a fact, not a conspiracy theory.

However, everyone who questions the official narrative on the response to Covid 19 and demands hard facts find themselves classed as conspiracy theorists, as many world renowned experts who are not financed by the government have found out.

These experts have had their reputations destroyed in the process and have found their informative videos deleted from YouTube and Facebook, for being in breach of their left wing community standards, or as Nobody Nobox would say, their ‘Communist Standards’.

It should be of no surprise then that the majority of the general population will choose to go along with the crowd, in going along with the official narrative. In making this decision they get to be considered normal, safe and of course, good, obedient law abiding citizens, but…

In turn however, it should also be of no surprise that those who question it and find themselves being accussed of arrogance, ignorance and selfishness, will become more determined in their quest for an answer, and rightfully so. Being Brave and Being Bold has never been easy.

At the end of the day, the official narrative is what it is, and I want to make it clear to all of you reading this that I myself beleive that Covid 19 exists. I beleive its highly infectious, but I also beleive its not as dangerous as what it’s made out to be.

I do beleive it can kill, which it has done and continues to do, and I consider any death ‘from’ it as tragic to the Family and Friends of the deceased, just as I consider the death of anybody from anything else to be just as tragic. 

It must be stated that death, no matter how tragic it may be, is still a part of life. As a Friend once said…

Though not always easy to accept, especially when one is confronted by it on a personal level, it is simply a fact that cannot be denied. Nor should it be a fact that gets given special attention as and when politicians or the media decide.

For example, around 125,000 babies are ‘aborted’ worldwide every single day under the sun, and under the term ‘Reproductive Healthcare’. Let that sink in. I dont think I have ever seen attention given to that though,

If the unborn are the most weak and vulnerable of us all and no one bats an eyelid at the official Abortion statistics, then why should we beleive the government, media and markets when they tell us its all out of concern for weak and vulnerable people like the sick and elderly. Once again it doesn’t make sense.

Despite it all, we have all come to know and understand that the issue of Covid 19 is a global problem that is getting in the way of each of our lives, and that what is needed is a Global Solution.

However, If the solution ends up creating another box in the process of trying to solve the problem, well… The problem remains and the individual or group, or in this case Humanity itself, continue to remain Boxed in and that is exactly what has happened.

For example, if a good strong immune system is needed to help fight off an infectious disease or virus like Covid 19, then why has the solution been to encourage the public to disinfect themselves and everything else at every opportunity, have all sports and activities cancelled, and to stay inside.

All these measures lead to the weakening of the immune system, and in turn, leaving the person at an even higher risk of infection. The Box remains, and Nobody Nobox remains needed.

Why hasn’t the Government or media, done the opposite. Instead of promoting fear that can kill, along with measures that only serve to weaken the immune system, why havn’t they done more to promote healthy eating, or opened beaches, parks and gyms etc so that their populations can move, exercise, and take in the sun without time limits being imposed.

And very briefly, regarding masks… Let me introduce you to Hypercapnia.

These imposed measures will only guarantee getting ill again in the future which will in turn be used to justify the need for a vaccine, but who knows, maybe that’s the method in the madness.

Another way that this box in the making can be seen is by taking a look at the Lockdown lingo. 

The ‘We are all in this together’ motto, which has now become well known lockdown lingo, might as well be ‘We are all in this Communist Box together’, because as liberal, lovely and unified as it sounds, this lockdown lingo is in fact ‘liberty lost’.

It has been lost as national populations, have had their rights and freedoms removed and their constitutions violated.

They have been tricked, yet trained into becoming the eyes and ears of the state, looking and listening for those dissenters who would dare to put living in Freedom before living together in unity under Fear.

‘We are all in this together’ has led to the message ‘#Stayathome’ to discourage those who would do the opposite, even if be for good reasons.

From the beginning, this Lock-down Lingo has been used to divide society and has clearly revealed who stands on which side. ‘The Conformed and the unconformed’, or alternatively ‘those on whom the Fear factor is working, and those on whom it is not’.

Regarding the apparent and shared threat of Corona, it was fear and not facts, that led to lockdowns being implemented throughout the world.

To maintain these lockdowns and to protect and ensure the health and safety of all, it was clear that national populations would need to be policed.

Due to the limits on finance and manpower that each national police force finds itself in however, it was also clear that social order and obedience to it would be impossible to sustain and maintain, unless of course something more powerful could be found to ensure it. Something that would be less limited.

If not, each nation would have had to resort to the next logical step, that of using their own Military to help in monitoring and controlling their own people.

That itself is a scary thought, and it was exactly scary thoughts themselves that turned out to be the solution to the given problem as already mentioned above.

Yes, The hope was placed heavily upon the Fear Factor itself which knows no limits. Making the Fear Factor strong enough ensured that a fear based and fear led population will not only become accepting of, and obedient to extreme policing measures, but so to one that begins to operate, according to those same measures.

The end result is that a policed population has become a population that polices. This in turn, ensures the survival and continuance of, as well as blind obedience to an agenda that is much bigger than Covid 19 and the lockdowns that come with it.

If it were not for the Mass Media, Politicians and the World Health Organisation using the fear factor, to drown us all in fear, this agenda would not only have become visible to much more of us, but so to rejected by us all.

Ironically the power still lies with the people, yet most people have been trained to beleive the opposite.

The people have become the sheeple, a sheeple barked at and guided by a sheepdog (media) and led by the self declared shepherd (Government) according to the terms and conditions of Fear.

The world is moving forwards into a new area of focus, that being the need of a vaccine, ‘to vaccinate everyone on the planet’ to use the words of Bill Gates himself.

What is not being spoken off at this time however is what will be the fate of the millions, and hundreds of millions of people around the world, if not more, who do not trust the official narrative due to its many contradictions and errors, and who will highly likely refuse the vaccine when it eventually comes.

Yes, even if in a year or two from now, a large majority of the world goes ahead and gets vaccinated in the hope that the promise (Blackmail) of a normal life may return, to what extent will those who refuse to take it be excluded from society and and all aspects of life. What box will they find themselves in?  People who at the moment are trying to make their voices heard.

I can only imagine that through the power of the media, governments will attempt to box them in as dissenters who will be viewed as a health risk to the rest of the population.

It will however be a population who will by then have come to find themselves stuck in a ‘SHARED BOX’ that at this time is still currently under construction and can still be stopped.

The Hero status will eventually move from healthcare workers onto those who bring forth a vaccine and who offer all of us a return to the normal life we all knew, one without social distancing.

With a new Hero, a new enemy will be made, one that the sheeple will keep their distance from and refuse to help for fear of their Health and for fear of their Life, and as for covid 19, well it will be a thing of the past, and so will this post.

What ever you do, do not fear, for its better to be surviving outside a Box than to be ending up stuck inside one. If however you do find that you are feeling fearful, then get in contact with me asap using the email address below.

In closing, I hope the links below will be of much interest to you, as well as good food for thought and above all, an enjoyable yet surprising revelation.

See them as a little but important video collection to choose from when you feel like watching something productive and constructive in your free time, while there’s still time and while your still, well…Free

One final reminder and warning that’s coming straight out of previous personal experience.

As interesting and as insightful that this post, and all of the links below may be, and as good as it is to question, research and investigate with an open mind, do not forget to keep the main focus on your day to day priorities.

Every day has enough trouble of its own, trouble and responsibilities that won’t be dealt with properly when your heads stuck down a rabbit hole. I’ve been there, and I know what I’m talking about concerning it

Be aware of Boxes but Stay boxed out, or as my Dad would say, ‘Pigeon Hole it’, but that’s for another post 😉, now, time to fly. Onwards and upwards.

English Videos

2 videos here, (part 1 and part 2)

Global Digital ID Coming On Heels Of Coronavirus Panic Of 2020

Last but not least, a little bit of info to keep your eyes on and very much connected to the last link above.

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