Zero to Hero.

Health is Wealth, and Wealth is Stealth, and it is with stealth that Healthcare workers around the world have gone from ‘Zero to Hero’ status within only a matter of months.

To describe the Zero aspect, I’m going to focus in on my very own and very beautiful, but ridiculously complicated country of origin, Northern Ireland.

Do keep in mind however that this Zero aspect is not just restricted to Northern Ireland, nor only to the Healthcare Profession, but is in fact a global problem affecting all countries and all professions.

It was not so long ago (Jan 2020) when hardworking and self sacrificing Healthcare workers in Northern Ireland were at the center of domestic media attention for reasons other than the current Covid 19.

Belonging to a Healthcare system that was and in many ways still is on the brink of collapse, they were at the time continuing to take part in Industrial action, through nationwide strikes until their demands for better working conditions were met. Demands included safer staffing levels and better pay.

Separately and around the same time, the pathetic, self serving and ‘boxed in’ embarrassment of an executive, also known as the devolved government of Northern Ireland, agreed to return to political power sharing, but only because both the British and Irish Governments along with a critical press and public were, well… pressing them to.

Yes, with a little pressure, and a little more yet again, they managed to come back together after a fully paid three year absence, were next to nothing had been done for the good, deserving people of Northern Ireland that they claim to represent. The Health Service was just one of those areas that suffered as a result.

Their lack of accountability during that time as well as their failure to apologize to all of the citizens of Northern Ireland upon their return to Government, only served to highlight their arrogance and in turn, made a mockery of the entire population.

In a twist of Irony however that will make your eyes roll, this same population now find themselves being preached at by those same politicians, regarding the importance of both individual and collective responsibility to stay at home for the greater good of society because of the Corona Lock-down measures. 🙄 Well, At least they practiced what they now preach. 🤔

Despite the sad fact that the Political Parties of NI remain ‘boxed in’ in their approach to power sharing (clearly not using the Nobox Approach), I’m glad to say that they did however, finally come to an agreement concerning the reasonable demands of the tired, persevering and protesting Healthcare workers

For too long, these workers have been over worked, taken for granted and under appreciated. Sadly, within the British Healthcare system as a whole, a toxic mix exists to the detriment of those working in HealthCare.

This toxic mix which I speak off includes first and foremost Government Bureaucracy, the culture of impatient entitlement in which we live and which many patients tend to bring with them, the fact that the British National Health Service is free for all to use, and of course a Google informed/ diagnosed public that quite often are either sadly misinformed or alternatively simply think they know better.

Health Care Professionals, as People with training, experience, and expertise, have for too long on the part of the Politicians, Media and the General Public as a whole, received Zero thanks and Zero Respect.

It is a widespread attitude that has been allowed to fester over a long period of time. Thankfully however, the deal that they came to not only brought an end to the strikes that were taking place, but it began a new era of respect and appreciation towards those working in the Health Service.

Regarding the Hero aspect, Health care workers in Northern Ireland and indeed around the world now find themselves being thanked and praised with claps and cheers.

They are occasionally finding themselves on the receiving end of free goods and services offered to them through a mixture of kind and generous individuals and businesses within their own communities, bringing back once again a sense of meaning to the word itself. ‘Community’

This is something wonderful that makes all of us feel good and gives us some Hope that a better, closer and more communal world lies ahead beyond Corona. I believe these positive developments need to be encouraged and normalized at all levels of society, not just now but forever more, regardless of the Job or Profession one may have, and regardless of one’s role and position in it.

As much as Nobody Nobox both likes, and agrees with this new sense of appreciation, respect and equality, a potential and high risk Box has been spotted within it, one which I will write about on my next blog post. Stay tuned to stay informed and stay boxed out.

To bring this beautiful ‘Zero to Hero’ story to an end, Im going to share a little secret connected to the ‘Nobox Approach’ that I hope to make available this summer.

I encourage you to keep it in mind as it may be a useful clue in a competition that you will be invited to participate in before the official release of The Nobox Approach. That said, in order to win, you will still be expected to think outside the box.

If you would like me to send the first clue, then please send a simple email to and type ‘Clue 1‘ as the subject. That will be enough.

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