Weapons of Mask Destruction.

Although I have an important role in developing, growing and maintaining a Nuclear Family, I just want to make it clear that I have not, and never have had a role concerning the development of Nuclear weapons.

When it comes to weapons of Mask Destruction however, I must confess that I am not only guilty of developing them, but I am also equally as guilty of using them upon Family, Friends and Society in general over the years. Is that a war crime? well, let’s find out.

What is a weapon of Mask destruction? Well, it operates in a very similar way to a weapon of mass destruction. It is used as both a show of strength and a preemptive attack for the purposes of self protection, or alternatively as a direct attack with the sole purpose of destroying, or at least weakening the opposing side.

Yes, beleive it or not, Masks are weapons and have the ability to distract, deceive and destroy, not only others, but so too, those that wear them. To back up my WMD claims, I have decided that instead of going through the traditional United Nations route, I will instead give two simple and very effective examples that will speak for themselves.

The first example takes into consideration the current Corona ‘situation’. Masks are a dominant theme at the moment in many places, especially for those out and about, whether it be for work in ‘essential services’ or for restricted external activities such as exercise, buying food or traveling to care for someone else.

When going outside into society you will notice that Protective Masks are much more visible, but for those who are staying at home, Masks are both less important and less visible. Interestingly this runs parrellel to what most of us do in our normal day to day lives, Corona or no Corona.

When we are at home in our Comfort zone, Many of us take off our masks, saving strength in the process and feel free to simply be ourselves, with our insecurities, weaknesses and indeed individual, unique and sometimes strange ways. In this we feel comfortable and secure without the fear and worry of being exposed or judged.

However when we go out as individuals, amongst a whole lot of other individuals, we often put on, or at least bring our masks with us, just incase we need them.

On one end of the scale are masks such as the ‘Happy’ Mask, the ‘nice, polite & respectful’ Mask, the ‘educated’ Mask, the ‘successful’ Mask the ‘Doing OK’ Mask, the ‘got it all together’ Mask, the ‘Show no fear’ mask, the ‘too cool for school’ Mask, the ‘better than you’ Mask etc, etc. The list goes on.

Alternatively at the other end of the spectrum are masks such as ‘the Poor me, I’m a Victim’ Mask amongst many others.

Regardless of which mask it may be, one thing is certain, it always takes a whole lot of time, energy and effort, and in many but not all cases, money to keep holding up a mask to the world in order to appear strong, accepted, and well.. Normal, if there ever was such a thing.

As I said at the beginning, Not only can others be deceived and destroyed through the wearing of a mask, but so too can the one behind it. After all, the longer a Mask is on, the more discomfort it will cause to its wearer.

Just as it is with the medical masks used during this Corona season, they have a very short life span, otherwise they will eventually become contagious and a health risk to both those behind and in front of the mask.

The second example I would like to share comes from a seven week stay that I had in a clinic here in Switzerland for the purposes of rest, therapy and intial recovery. This was due to a Burnout/Depression that I had fallen in to over time which had stemmed from a variety of factors. (For more background on this personal experience, please go to the menu at the top of the screen and click on the ‘About’ option)

During my stay at the clinic, I came across many people of different ages, cultures and backgrounds who were there because of their own unique psychological problems and issues, of which there were many.  Within this collective group situation, which by itself is symbolic of the broken world in which we live, lay something beautiful and wonderful that deeply impacted me.

What was it? Well, everyone in the clinic, including the staff, knew that each individual who had come to stay, whether voluntary or involuntary, was there first and foremost because of their own inability to deal with, and get on top of their own Personal problems, some of which were more visible than others.

This was a very simple and accepted truth that everyone there understood, just by being there. We were all human beings with our own problems and issues, weaknesses and insecurities and we were all there for help, for different reasons and in different ways.

Interestingly, Masks were less visible and less important. Women felt comfortable not wearing makeup, people felt comfortable just not trying, and everyone was more or less sensitive to everyone else, knowing that everyone was dealing with a problem of their own. Who the person was, what the person did for a living, what they owned etc didn’t matter. It all seemed irrelevant when it came down to the mental health of each individual there.

For me, this was actually very Normal and Human, and yet Ironically it is exactly this ‘Normal’ that is clearly and sadly missing and very much needed in the ‘Normal’ world.

Ironically the majority of people in our so called ‘Normal’ world, would view a clinic with people residing in it in order to get help, as being very far from their definition of normal.

When I left the clinic however, I felt very much the opposite. I felt as if I was leaving a very Real & Normal, understanding, empathetic World where human imperfections are accepted and not used to make others feel stronger or better. I was going from there back into what I now call, ‘The Great Fascade’ where the weak appear strong and the strong appear weak.

The world is a place where as much as we are all just trying to live Life, so many of us are trying to live it by aiming for some imaginary, hoped for, perfectionist standard that changes with each individual, subculture, culture and each generation. In the Great Fascade I came to realise that everyone is winging it to get by.

A lot of the people I met during my time at the clinic seemed much more real and transparent than a lot of people I have met out here in the Great Fascade that is Life, simply because they weren’t wearing masks. When temporarily removed from the conveyor belt of life due to their mental and emotional distress, they were able to learn to feel ok about being Human in a world that accepted them as exactly that, Human.

When living in a world full of people, we can become so concerned about what others think of us, want from us or expect from us, as well as what we think, want and expect from ourselves.

We end up beginning to develop our own masks to live accordingly so as to appear and feel both Normal and Strong. In one way it is a survival strategy that helps each of us get through each day.

However, it is often the case that either our mask is see through, it falls off and we get found out and become a hypocrite in the process, which is quite often the case with so many of us, me included, or alternatively our masks stays on, and who we really are as an Individual, dies underneath it, never to be known. If the majority are doing this, Life turns into a deadly game. The trick is to jump out of the game and be yourself, for everyone else is already taken. If anyone has a problem with that, then it’s exactly that, their problem and not yours.

Weapons of Mask Destruction creates an illusion that quite often either imprisons or kills off an individual.

Masks are Boxes that must be broken out of, and because of my own experience and what I have learned through it, Nobody Nobox is here to help destroy the mask en masse so that the Unique Human Being behind it can be comforted, accepted, motivated, encouraged, seen and used for the good of a masked over, boxed in world, becoming, not Perfect, but VICTORIOUS in the process.

As Lockdown measures slowly relax in the days and weeks ahead, feel free to test yourself and challenge yourself a little to leave possible masks behind.

Challenge yourself not to go to the hairdresser as soon as it opens, challenge yourself to go without fake tan, challenge yourself to just dress comfortably instead of dressing up, challenge yourself to just leave the house as it is when a visitor is coming. Most importantly, challenge yourself to accept your weaknesses and insecurities and reach out for help if you find you need it, because… You too are Human and If you can’t accept that, then your on the wrong planet.

Feel free to contact me here on Planet Earth at the following email address.

In this world, Settle for being a Nobody, a Nobody Nobox. That’s how I win in my Life, and You can too, without a Nuke and without a Mask. Be encouraged.

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