The Rolling Stone.

As I begin, let me just make it clear that although I am at times a little mad in both behavior and in mood, I’m not Mick Jagger mad, and so if your looking for an article on the Rolling Stone that he is, I kindly suggest that you look somewhere else.

‘The Rolling Stone’ of which I write, is one that is older, harder and literally speaking, Authentic Rock and Roll. It is the Rolling stone related to the present date on the Christian Calender, that being Easter.

It is a stone that is connected to both the tragic and joyful historical events of him who lay dead behind it, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the Son of God, of whom I myself am a believer and follower. I should also mention that it is also the ethos from which Nobody Nobox operates.

That said, regardless of who you are, where you come from or what you beleive, Nobody Nobox and the soon to be released ‘Nobox Approach’ operate in a way that will be both relevant and helpful to you in your need to win.

As much as I acknowledge and accept the death of Jesus on the cross as a once and for all atonement for the sins of mankind, I would like to keep the focus on The Stone, because it is exactly there where the resurrection took place, or to use the vocabulary of Nobody Nobox, it is where the box was broken out of.

If Death itself is silent, dark, the end of existence, and a dimension so to speak, from which we can never return, like all those that have gone before us, then to come back to Life would be nothing short of a miracle, especially in the case of Jesus.

For three days his Heart would have no longer pumped blood to the body, his body would have been stone cold, every function of his body would have completely shut down and as for his being, gone and absent from the world of the Living. He was absolutely Boxed in with no way of Boxing out, and even when he did come back to Life, remember, their was still that big, heavy Rolling Stone in the way

For a Heart to slowly start beating again, the body to start warming again, and for all its engines to start running again, it would have needed external and supernatural intervention. The power would have to come from him who has the power over both Death and Life.

The Hope filled perspective at Nobody Nobox is drawn from this very event. If the worst thing that can happen in a Life is for it to end in Death, and if Death can truly be overcome, as in the case of Jesus, then so too do we have a Hope for all things in Life, no matter how difficult they may be. I myself have seen and experienced how this Hope has kept me clinging to life during my darkest times where everything felt impossible and pointless.

If on the other hand Death can not be defeated and continues to remain impossible, then their is no ultimate Hope to draw from in Life. The worst case scenario must be possible in order for the best case scenario to also be possible. The amount of air breathed in is the amount of air breathed out.

It would simply be hoping for the sake of hoping but because it’s true, Miracles are possible, Prayers are answered, people can change their ways, the sick can be healed, the blind can see, people can forgive each other etc, and in times like now with so many people around the world being Boxed in at Home due to the Corona situation, Good and Beautiful things can and do happen. Being Boxed in will not have the last word.

Although Jesus came back to Life, he was still boxed in where he should have lay dead. He was boxed in, but alive, kind of like everybody at the moment. The Rolling stone still stood in the way however. Everything that had needed to be done on the inside had been done. All he needed was for the stone to be rolled away. It was done with supernatural outside help and from there he officially ‘Boxed out’.

In Boxing out of the impossible, he gave Hope and made it possible for all people Boxed in, regardless of the Box. Nobody Nobox wants to follow his example and help bring Hope to people who are boxed in, as well as being of help in moving that Rolling Stone.

Jesus has shown us that it can be done, and because of that, all things in Life are possible. Don’t lose Heart, for there is Hope that can bring you through. Feel free to contact me if you need to.

God, who operates outside the dimension of time, came into the dimension of time to make a way where people can access him, his forgiveness, his love, his promises, his power and receive an unlimited Hope to see us through. Jesus brought God and Nobody together and gave Nobody Victory. Nobody Nobox operates out of that Victory.

Let’s Rock and Roll and Break some Boxes.

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