The Real Corona Virus.

At Nobody Nobox, with close observation, and a very detailed analysis, a much more dangerous version of the Corona Virus has been discovered.

Corona, which can also be translated as ‘Crown’, is a Beautiful word with a Beautiful meaning when used by itself. A Genuine Crown symbolises Power and Authority, and the one to whom the Crown belongs, not only holds that power and authority, but so to rules from it and rules with it.

With the populations of many Nation States following fear based and fear driven orders to stay at home, a deeper and darker truth about those that rule over us, the nature of their Crown, and their intentions, has now become visible.

Even governments of so called ‘liberal, democratic and free’ western societies have chosen to use fear to manipulate, coerce and control their populations into a set way of thinking. The fact that they have done so, without allowing for the possibility to negotiate, let alone protest, should immediately raise deep concern amongst every single citizen, regardless of where they hold their citizenship and regardless of whether or not they agree to the lockdowns in question.

Rights and Freedoms have been very quickly and forcefully removed from societies and replaced with Lockdowns of varying degrees. The fact that this has been executed under very questionable, and highly doubtful concerns for the health and safety of the weak and vulnerable, and that for the first time ever the Love of People is being ‘portrayed’ as being of much more importance to Politicians, the Markets, than the Global Economy itself, are one thing.

The People’s response to the removal of these freedoms however is something else. We have seen the ‘dog eat dog’ every man for himself mentality come forth, primarily in the panic buying that followed the initial restrictions on movement and activity that were put in place.

The fact that Toilet roll has become the Pandemic logo, so to speak, should already be a warning to us that ‘the shit has really and truly hit the fan’, and oh what a contrast it is to those at the top with a Crown of Power and Authority. It is right here, within this contrast, that the very real, and much more potent Corona Virus has been discovered.

We as individuals, as a society, and as Global citizens, are accepting these measures without questioning them. Accepting them is OK, but what is also OK is to be able to question them like we would question anything else without being made to feel like a rebel.

It appears however that the majority of people are simply giving the World Health Organisation, their Governments, the Media, the Police etc the benefit of the doubt that they are speaking the truth and that they know what’s best for us.

Since when did they earn our total trust and obedience. Why would we allow them to freely take us from the sunshine and freedom of the prison yard into the Prison building, down the corridors, past the cells and into solitary confinement with the assurance that it’s for the good of ourselves and the world, yet with no guarantee given that we will eventually get out.

Have we forgotten about our own needs and rights to exercise our own Individual Power and Authority as a Human being made in the image of God. After all, when it comes down to each one of us living out our one and only unique existence on this planet, which lasts only for a while , We must ensure that we have the freedom and dignity we need in order to do so.

If and when we do get out of Solitary confinement however, we may come to find that during our time there, those that rule over us have participated in the destruction of the prison yard or worse again, turned it into it the cell itself.

A prison yard might not be perfect but at least there’s a little freedom, a little social contact and at times, a little sunshine. Questions need to be asked and a stand needs to be taken before we even leave the yard when we can still do something about it.

Many are struggling mentally and emotionally in forced isolation and becoming more vulnerable in the process. After all, solitary confinement is classed as a punishment within in a prison because it breaks a person down to the point where they will submit and follow.

This can only be seen as evidence conforming that the weak and vulnerable were not and are not the genuine reasons behind the lockdowns and the increasing surveillance being put in place globally, apparently to protect us all from each other. At Nobody Nobox, it sounds very much like a strategy of Divide (Isolate) and Conquer being put to use, one phase at a time.

Do we beleive in the power and authority we have as individuals, do we beleive our existence is important, do we not take it seriously, or is it simply not worth the fight. Where is the boldness and courage needed to stand up and at least question the official narrative,

Where is our Crown and Identity as unique Human beings. Do we know about our Crown? If so, Do we even bother to find it? If we find it do we leave it or carry it with us everywhere we go? Do we make a choice to stop carrying it and instead Wear it and wear it with a healthy pride? Do we even go as far as to Live with the Power and Authority that the Crown gives us.

These are open questions for all of us because each of us are positively unique. We all need to live in that uniqueness, and live from it. Unfortunately however, most choose to settle for simply existing in a way where their own uniqueness won’t stand out to much, or stand out at all.

My Friends, this is the real Corona Virus and Nobody Nobox wants to help people box out where they are presently being boxed in, or where they may be Boxed in already.

Be Unique by being Yourself, because everyone else is already taken, and above all, settle for nothing less than being…

Only then could we truly say that we are all in this together.

Until then…

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