Setting Sail

As I set sail with the Vision that is Nobody Nobox, I do not know what lies ahead, what storms I will face, nor what waves will rock my boat. I do know however, that now is the right time to set out into the deep waters ahead where the adventure will be great, the risks are high and where possibilities are endless

It is the beginning of a new Era in my Life that runs parrellel to what is also the beginning of a new Era in all our lives, and for the world in general. I therefore have nothing to lose but everything to gain, especially when equipped with an Anchor that is sure and steadfast.

The need to bring my Vision of Nobody Nobox to Life has never been greater. Feel free to join me on the journey ahead into the unknown, by coming aboard, looking through the Nobody Nobox website and following my blog as well as staying updated through the different social media links available. All Aboard. Onwards.

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